For slicing our STL files can be used software like CURA (4.4.1), Simplyfy3D, MatterControll and probably others 

Because CURA (4.4.1) is widely available and proven to produce good results we recommend this free software as first choice for a slicer. 

To start slicing STL files with CURA, few settings need to be done, because by default CURA doesn’t produce output from inner structure. (see Figure 1). If you will load our predefined CURA settings, all these points are already set for correct values.

Figure 1. Left picture faulty slice output without inner structure, right figure presents slicing process correct result.

For CURA software the following points need to be checked and set correctly:


  • Infill density:0

Mesch Fixes

  • Merged Meshes Overlap: 0
  • Union Overlapping Volumes: False
  • Remove Empty First Layers: False

Special Modes

  • Surface Mode: Normal
  • Spiralize Outer Contour: False


  • Slicing Tolerance: Exclusiv

Now load test file and check if it works as it is supposed to. 


To achieve demanded result, use the right print settings for each part. To check which setup is suitable for specific part go to assembly manual.